Apple iPhone 5C – More than just colour?


The new iPhone 5C has been announced and will be available to buy from 20th September.

Internally the iPhone 5C is almost identical to last year’s iPhone 5, but with a redesigned, polycarbonate-backed shell that will be available in bright green, blue, yellow, pink and white colours. It comes with an A6 processor, the same 8 MP camera, a 4″ screen and LTE connectivity.

Two small additions compared to the iPhone 5 is that the iPhone 5C has been fitted with a slightly larger battery and a new ‘FaceTime’ HD camera with improved low-light performance on the front of the device.

So if price is an issue for reaching out for the flagship iPhone 5S then maybe the iPhone 5C is the next smartphone move for you. It will also come readily installed with the new iOS 7 operating system which has a new look and feel yet uses all the original functions and controls we have always associated with IOS.

Although many have classed the iPhone 5C as the budget Apple smartphone, it is still expected to cost from around £469 for a SIM-FREE handset. However it does do virtually everything the iPhone 5 can and a little more.

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