iOS 7 – Is your iPhone or iPad about to be reborn?


Apple not only unveiled the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at Tuesday’s event in California, but announced that the iOS 7 operating system would be available to download from the 18th September. This will be compatible with any model from the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 upwards, and will come as standard with the iPhone 5S and 5C when released on the 20th September.

So what are the key announcements surrounding the iOS 7 operating system?

Head of software at Apple, Craig Federighi made a powerful statement that “downloading iOS 7 is like getting an all new device”.

The iOS 7 operating system has a new look and feel with different fonts and bolder colours with the use of layers and transparency throughout. However, it uses all the original functions and controls we have always associated with iOS.

Along with these visual changes to the user interface iOS 7 has brought with it numerous additional features and enhancements.

Control Center

One swipe whilst on any screen opens up the control center for easier access to the main controls of your phone.

Notification Centre

Is now available from your lock screen to enable a quicker view of your important notes and tasks.

Multi Task

Enables you to jump from app to app much easier than ever before – it automatically takes note of what apps you use most and keeps your content up to date in the background.

New Camera App

Is more versatile as it enables you to switch between modes and filters with ease.

Photo App

Intelligently organises your photos and provides easier sharing with friends and family via the iCloud.

Air Drop

Identifies your contacts nearby should you have something you wish to share.


Has a redesigned user interface for easier access to the content you wish to view.


Is now more informative as it integrates with Twitter and Wikipedia and can also help change settings on your device.

iTunes Radio

Gives you the ability to find new music to match your taste and purchase with a simple tap.

Download Date

We are looking forward to finding out on the 18th September how good the iOS 7 operating system is on the older iPhone and iPad models to see if it really can transform your old device so that it feels brand new.

More importantly it will be interesting to see how well the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 will run iOS 7 as they say the iPhone 5S (the world’s first 64-bit smartphone) has been designed to cope with the features iOS 7 has in store.

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