Samsung announce “world’s first smartphone with a curved display”

Samsung Galaxy Round Curved Display

The Galaxy Round has been announced today by Samsung, pipping LG to the post by declaring it as “the world’s first smartphone with a curved display”.

With its unique 5.7 inch AMOLED screen, it is the same size as the very recently launched Galaxy Note 3. At a mere 7.9mm thin and weighing 154g, Samsung have described it as offering a ‘”comfortable hand grip feeling to users, and exclusive experiences of a curved display”. Similarities with the Note 3 do not end there, including the ‘leather-like’ back and Multi Window for easy multitasking.

However, even if you are enticed by the curved screen technology, unless you are in South Korea it is unlikely that you’ll be able to get your hands on one for a while yet (if at all!) – the handsets are available there from tomorrow, October 10th.

A number of new features have been made available by this new design, such as the “Roll Effect”, where users can check basic information such as missed calls or the time by simply rolling the handset towards them. “Bounce UX” has similar integration, allowing users to switch between tracks by tilting left or right, whilst “Slide Mirror” means you can scroll through photos or videos with the same tilting mechanics.

So what are the benefits of a curved screen? Other than these arguably gimmicky features (similar to Smart Stay, Smart Pause and Smart Scroll found on the latest Galaxy handsets), the main advantage seems it is much less likely that you will end up with a smashed screen. A curved screen will, in theory, never touch the ground even when landing face down, which could reduce the number of users suffering broken phones. One-handed operations may also be easier due to the curve of the screen.

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