Samsung Galaxy Gear review

Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

Smartwatches aren’t an entirely new concept – Sony has recently released its second, the ‘Smartwatch 2’, and other less well-known manufacturers have released models like the ‘Cookoo’ and the ‘Pebble’. However, with Apple expected to reveal an iWatch next year, the unveiling of the Galaxy Gear by Samsung is sure to reignite the rivalry between the two technology giants.

One of the most crucial aspects of the Galaxy Gear is that to make it function further than just telling the time, you will also need to have a Samsung Smartphone. Using Samsung S Voice technology, you can control the watch as well as make calls using the built in microphone and speaker.

The 1.6 inch Super AMOLED screen has a 320×320 resolution, and, differentiating it from others on the market, a 1.9MP camera to capture photos and 720p HD video. It also includes an accelerometer, pedometer and a gyroscope, which will appeal to anybody wanting to use it as a keep-fit device, along with 4GB internal storage. The Galaxy Gear device also has a 800MHz processor and 512 RAM, which should be more than enough for everyday use.  Unfortunately, however, battery life is only 25 hours, so it will need daily charging.

Many may question what the point of having a device such as the Galaxy Gear is, as it does not serve as a replacement for a mobile. The Gear gives you real time updates from your smartphone, displaying previews of calls, texts, emails and alerts and letting you decide whether to accept or ignore them. The Smart Relay feature instantly brings up a message you’ve previewed on the Gear onto your smartphone as your full it out of your pocket or bag.

It includes some good security features – the Find My Device app makes the paired smartphone beep and vibrate if you can’t find it, and if you stray more than 1.5m from your phone whilst wearing the Galaxy Gear, it will automatically lock the handset. There are also a range of apps available

You can choose 10 different watch faces for the home screen, which also features handy shortcuts such as swiping down to open the camera, and detailed weather forecasts available by tapping the weather info.

The design of the Galaxy Gear is potentially the most controversial aspect of the new device. Some describe it as bulky, with too many screws on show and a ‘clunky and awkward’ strap, which may put off potential buyers. However, as the first device from Samsung there is plenty of room for improvement and it has also impressively beaten Apple with the product release.

Overall, whilst it won’t win many prizes for style, the Galaxy Gear does include some impressive technology, likely to improve with further development and applications. If you’re already a Samsung smartphone convert, this companion device is sure to be a hit.


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